About US

We started this company with the ambition of helping both teaching enthusiasts and educational settings that strive to provide the best opportunities for their learners. We offer a variety of certified teacher training courses in such versatile areas as English language Teaching, Language Assessment courses, Leadership and short courses that meet your professional needs. We also offer customizable courses if you feel your institution requires training in certain areas that are not included in our set courses.

We are located in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, and we feel this will give you a unique opportunity to improve your teaching skills and spend less on your education because of the lower accommodation and travel costs in Turkey.

We are committed to providing the best learning opportunity for you and in doing so will be with you all the way as we are delivering professional teaching skills through guidance and practice in the classroom.  The qualifications we offer has at its core, the practical aspects of the skill you wish to hone.

 PEN is committed to providing an open and accountable service for its customers. We believe we achieve this most of the time - if not please let us know via our Complaints Process, below.